We put up our own barriers to achieving our goals!” 

The #15x100Challenge empowering busy people to start building better habits and achieve their goals by focusing on 1 thing for a minimum of 15 minutes per day over a 100 day period with support from an awesome online community of goal-getters.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter…

— Izaak Walton


If you took the #15x100CHALLENGE what could it enable you to do?

Have you always wanted to do something, learn something, read something, speak something or create something…

BUT are always too busy to do so?

You talk about it, but never actually DO it!

This is when you start building barriers to your own success 🚫

What about if you had a minimum of 15 minutes a day, over 100 days?

Do you think you could accomplish the thing you have always wanted?

What is 15 minutes out of your day?

I know a lot of us spend hours flicking through our phones; checking emails and social media. I know I do.

What if you used a portion of that time to do that one thing you have always wanted to do!

What new heights could you reach?

The Way it Works…

You choose what you want to work on, i.e. mindfulness practice, getting those abs, learning a new language, working on a phobia etc… and commit to learning it for a minimum of 15 minutes per day, EVERYDAY for the next 100 days, whilst holding yourself publicly accountable by posting regular updates on social media or on a blog using the hashtag provided.

Challenge Rules…

  1. Pick a goal and work on it for a minimum of 15 minutes every day for the next 100 days*
  2. Signup for the next challenge here and join our official Facebook Challenge Group (details given at registration).
  3. Regularly post your progress updates on social media using the #15x100Challenge hashtag.
  4. Like our Facebook Page to receive updates and inspiration.
  5. On Twitter? Don’t forget to tweet about the challenge and follow me @languagelJ
  6. Ensure that you help and encourage others in the challenge on a regular basis.
  7. Help us reach more people by spreading the word of this challenge by sharing this web-page with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…

Connect with a supportive community of goal-getters and make new friends to share your challenge goals and achievements with. Remember everybody is different.

You can adjust the rules for your challenge to fit in with your own lifestyle and responsibilities. The most common adjustment made is changing the daily minimum time from 15 to 30/45/60 OR even 90 minutes.

You might choose to post updates daily, weekly or monthly on social media or blog/vlog about the challenge. Whatever works best for you! Good luck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the program start and finish?

The next challenge starts on the 5th April 2019 and lasts for 100 days.

Q. How much does it cost?

No monthly fees to worry about just a non-refundable one off registration fee of £24.99 to officially register on the challenge. Which works out less then a cup of coffee to invest in yourself for 100 days. This fee is payable for each challenge you register on.

Q. Why is there a charge?

I have organised lots of successful challenges over the years. Those where people have invested in to themselves are more likely to take the challenge seriously and successfully complete it!   Proceeds will be invested back into this challenge, future challenges and go towards real rewards for successful participants.

Q. What do I get if I complete the challenge?

If you have officially registered for the challenge you may be eligible for the badge and certificate upon successful completion and any prizes that may be on offer. Once registered you have lifetime access to the private challenge group and a toolkit of online materials to help you through the challenge.

Q. How do I register?

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. However you can sign up here to get more information about the challenge and be notified when registration for the next challenge opens again.

How do I pay?

Once the registration opens the online registration form will direct you to a link where you can make a secure and one off payment via PayPal. There are no monthly fees.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Q. What are the #hashtags to use?

#15x100Challenge OR #15x100c.

Plus you can add whatever it is you are working on over the next 100 days i.e. #Mindfulness #Abs #French

Q. What videos will I have to make?

It is up to you on how you would like to record your progress and how regularly you would like to do this. You might wanna go live in the group, make a blog post, post a video or do a journal entry. It is completely up to you. To receive your badge and completion certificate at the end, you must have made 4 progress updates throughout the 100 day period, i.e. starting point, middle point and end point.

Q. What if I am unhappy with the service?

My team and I worked really hard to put this challenge together for you, but that said if you are really not happy with this service please contact me directly so we can resolve any issues together.

Q. Who are Peer Enablers?

You guys! You are all in this challenge together, motivating, inspiring and holding each other accountable to ensure you reach your desired goals.

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#15×100 Challenge

What could you achieve when you focus on 1 thing for a minimum of 15 minutes everyday for 100 days? 


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Am soooo delighted that I managed to study Japanese for 15-30 minutes everyday for 100 days straight. First time I have ever tried to complete a 100 day challenge at anything and I loved it!!! I have been amazed at how much you can learn in even the minimum 15 minutes every day!!! Thanks for the inspiration & encouragement. 

Joanne | Learning Japanese